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Cloud Hosting

We offer Cloud Based Dedicated Servers… Our Cloud Based Dedicated Servers offer high availability dedicated resources on powerful machines. We are offering a complete range of un-managed option as well as managed options…

Un-managed Cloud Based Dedicated Server

Plan 1- CPU Processor: Intel Atom C2758, Cores: 2x2.4GHz, RAM: 8GB, Space: 200GB HDD, Bandwidth: 10TB, IPv4: 5, Price: Rs.4999/-+GST, For Clients abroad: $74+GST per month

Plan 2- CPU Processor: Intel Atom C2758, Cores: 4x2.4GHz, RAM: 16GB, Space: 400GB HDD, Bandwidth: 10TB, IPv4: 5, Price:Rs.7999/-+GST, For Clients abroad: $119+GSTper month

Plan 3- CPU Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1240V3, Cores: 2x3.4GHz, RAM: 8GB, Space: 200GB HDD, Bandwidth: 10TB, IPv4: 5, Price: Rs.5499/-+GSTFor Clients abroad: $79+GSTper month

Plan 4- CPU Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1240V3, Cores: 4x3.4GHz, RAM: 16GB, Space: 400GB HDD, Bandwidth: 10TB, IPv4: 5, Price: Rs.9499/-, For Clients abroad: $139+GSTper month

Plan 5- CPU Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1240V3, Cores:2x3.4GHz, RAM: 8GB, Space: 100GB SSD, Bandwidth:10TB, IPv4: 5, Price: Rs.5999+GSTFor Clients abroad: $89+GSTper month

Plan 6- CPU Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1240V3, Cores:4x3.4GHz, RAM: 16GB, Space: 200GB SSD, Bandwidth: 10TB, IPv4: 5, Price: Rs.10,999/-+GSTFor Clients abroad: $161+GSTper month

Managed cPanel Cloud Based Dedicated Server

Plan 1- Processor: E3-1240v3, Cores: 2 x 3.4GHz; RAM: 8GB; Hard Drive: 200GB SATA Hard Drive; Bandwidth: 10TB (1Gbps Port); IPv4: 5; Operating System: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu; cPanel / WHM; Softaculous; Price: Rs.12999/-+GST For Clients abroad: $195+GST

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